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51 cruelties of fate. I saw the God of hosts Click for translation
violently stretched out. Darkness had
covered with clouds the Ruler's corpse,
the gleaming light. Shadows went forth
55 dark under the clouds. All creation wept, Click for translation
lamented the King's fall. Christ was on the cross.
Yet there eager ones came from afar
to that noble one; I beheld all that.
I was all drenched with sorrow; nevertheless I bowed down to the hands of the men,
60 humble, with great eagerness. There they took almighty God, Click for translation
lifted him from that oppressive torment. The warriors forsook me then
standing covered with moisture; I was all wounded with arrows.
They laid the weary-limbed one down there, they stood at the head of his body,
they beheld the Lord of heaven there, and he himself rested there a while,
65 weary after the great battle. They began to fashion a tomb for him, Click for translation
warriors in the sight of the slayer; they carved that from bright stone,
they set the Lord of victories in there. They began to sing the sorrow-song for him,
wretched in the evening-time; then they wanted to travel again,
weary from the glorious Lord. He rested there with little company.Click for footnote
70 Nevertheless, weeping, weClick for footnote stood there a good while Click for translation
in a fixed position, after the voice departed up
of the warriors. The corpse grew cold,
the fair live-dwelling. Then men began to fell us
all to the ground: that was a terrible fate.
75 Men buried us in a deep pit; nevertheless the Lord's thanes, Click for translation
friends,Click for footnote discovered me there,
adorned me with gold and silver.
Now you might hear, my beloved hero,
that I have experienced the work of evil-doers,
80 grievous sorrows. Now the time has come Click for translation
that I will be honoured far and wide
by men over the earth and all this glorious creation;
they will pray to this beacon. On me the Son of God
suffered for a while; because of that I am glorious now,
85 towering under the heavens, and I am able to heal Click for translation
each one of those who is in awe of me.
Formerly I was made the hardest of punishments,
most hateful to the people, before I opened for them,
for the voice-bearers, the true way of life.
90 Listen, the Lord of glory, the Guardian of the kingdom of heaven, Click for translation
then honoured me over the forest trees,
just as he, almighty God, also honoured
his mother, Mary herself, for all men,
over all womankind.
95 Now I urge you, my beloved man, Click for translation
that you tell men about this vision:
reveal with words that it is the tree of glory
on which almighty God suffered
for mankind's many sins
100 and Adam's ancient deeds. Click for translation
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