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101 Death he tasted there; nevertheless, the Lord rose again Click for translation
with his great might to help mankind.
He ascended into heaven. He will come again
to this earth to seek mankind.
105 on doomsday, the Lord himself, Click for translation
almighty God, and his angels with him,
so that he will then judge, he who has the power of judgement,
each one of them, for what they themselves have
earned here earlier in this transitory life.
110 Nor may any of them be unafraid there Click for translation
because of the words which the Saviour will speak:
he will ask in front of the multitude where the person might be
who for the Lord's name would
taste bitter death, just as he did before on that tree.
115 But then they will be fearful and little think Click for translation
what they might begin to say to Christ.
Then there will be no need for any of those to be very afraid
who bear before them in the breast the best of trees.
But by means of the rood each soul
120 who thinks to dwell with the Ruler Click for translation
must seek the kingdom from the earthly way.'
I prayed to the tree with a happy spirit then,
with great zeal, there where I was alone
with little company. My spirit was
125 inspired with longing for the way forward; I experienced in all Click for translation
many periods of longing. It is now my life's hope
that I might seek the tree of victory
alone more often than all men,
to honour it well. My desire for that is
130 great in my mind, and my protection is Click for translation
directed to the cross. I do not have many wealthy
friends on earth; but they have gone forward from here,
passed from the joys of this world, sought for themselves the King of glory;
they live now in heaven with the High Father,
135 they dwell in glory. And I myself hope Click for translation
each day for when the Lord's cross,
that I looked at here on earth,
will fetch me from this transitory life,
and then bring me where there is great bliss,
140 joy in heaven, where the Lord's people Click for translation
are set in feasting, where there is unceasing bliss;
and then will set me where I might afterwards
dwell in glory fully with the saints
to partake of joy. May the Lord be a friend to me,
145 he who here on earth suffered previously Click for translation
on the gallows-tree for the sins of man.
He redeemed us, and gave us life,
a heavenly home. Hope was renewed
with dignity and with joy for those who suffered burning there.
150 The Son was victorious in that undertaking,Click for footnote Click for translation
powerful and successful, when he came with the multitudes,
a troop of souls, into God's kingdom,
the one Ruler almighty, to the delight of angels
and all the saints who were in heaven before,
155 who dwelled in glory, when their Ruler came, Click for translation
almighty God, to where his native land was.