The version used here is Elaine Treharne's translation in the Old and Middle English Anthology.

1 Listen, I will tell the best of visions, Click for translation
what came to me in the middle of the night,
when voice-bearers dwelled in rest.
It seemed to me that I saw a more wonderful tree
5 lifted in the air, wound round with light, Click for translation
the brightest of beams. That beacon was entirely
cased in gold; beautiful gems stood
at the corners of the earth, likewise there were five
upon the cross-beam. All those fair through creation
10 gazed on the angel of the Lord there. There was certainly no
gallows of the wicked;
Click for translation
but the holy spirits beheld it there,
men over the earth and all this glorious creation.
Wondrous was the victory-tree, and I stained with sins,
wounded with guilts. I saw the tree of glory,
15 honoured with garments, shining with joys, Click for translation
covered with gold; gems had
covered magnificently the tree of the forest.
Nevertheless, I was able to perceive through that gold
the ancient hostility of wretches, so that it first began
20 to bleed on the right side. I was all drenched with sorrows. Click for translation
I was frightened by the beautiful vision; I saw that urgent
change its covering and colours: sometimes it was soaked with
stained with the coursing of blood; sometimes adorned with
Yet as I lay there a long while
25 I beheld sorrowful the tree of the Saviour, Click for translation
until I heard it utter a sound;
it began to speak words, the best of wood:
"That was very long ago, I remember it still,
that I was cut down from the edge of the wood,
30 ripped up by my roots. They seized me there, strong enemies, Click for translation
made me a spectacle for themselves there, commanded me to
raise up their criminals.
Men carried me there on their shoulders, until they set me
on a hill,Click for footnote
enemies enough fastened me there. I saw then the Saviour of
hasten with great zeal, as if he wanted to climb up on me.
35 There I did not dare, against the word of the Lord, Click for translation
bow or break, when I saw the
corners of the earth tremble. I might have
felled all the enemies; even so, I stood fast.
He stripped himself then, young hero - that was God almighty -
40 strong and resolute; he ascended on the high gallows, Click for translation
brave in the sight of many, when he wanted to ransom
I trembled when the warrior embraced me; even then I did not
dare to bow to earth,
fall to the corners of the earth, but I had to stand fast.
I was reared a cross. I raised up the powerful King,
45 the Lord of heaven; I did not dare to bend. Click for translation
They pierced me with dark nails; on me are the wounds visible,
the open wounds of malice; I did not dare to injure any of them.
They mocked us both together. I was all drenched with blood
poured out from that man's side after he had sent forth his spirit.
50 I have experienced on that hillside many Click for translation
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