Christ III
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1376 He himself, the Lord almighty, will begin to speak as if he were talking to a single one, and yet he means them all, the inordinately sinful multitude:
1379 'Behold, I first made you, man, with my hands and gave you intelligence. Of clay I formed limbs for you. I gave you a living soul. I honoured you above all creatures. I brought it about that you had a figure and form resembling myself. I gave you too an abundance of powers and prosperity throughout each spacious continent. You knew no share of sorrow or of gloom that you had to suffer - nor did you know gratitude for this. When I had created you so beautiful and made you so pleasing and had granted you prosperity so that you might rule over the creatures in the world and when I set you upon the lovely earth to enjoy the radiant luxuriance of Paradise agleam with colours, then you were unwilling to abide by the word of life, but rather you broke my behest at the word of your slayer. To that treacherous fiend, that destructive destroyer, you listened more than to your Creator. Here I will leave out that old account of how in the first places you resolved upon evil and by your wicked actions lost what I had granted you to your advantage. When I had vouchsafed you so many benefits and there seemed to you in your heart too little happiness in all theses things if you might not possess and abundance of power commensurate with God, then to the devils' satisfaction you were cast out from that state of joy far afield, a stranger. The beauty of Paradise, the homeland of your spirits, you had perforce to forgo, wretched, miserable, parted from all privileges and pleasures; and then you were driven into this gloomy world where you have since suffered physical afflictions for a long time, pain and heavy toil and dark death, and after your going hence you were constrained to sink abject into hell, devoid of helpers.
1414 'When I repented that the work of my hands should pass into the power of the devils, that the issue of mankind should see mortality and by constrained to venture upon an unknown dwelling-place and painful experiences, then I myself came down as a child into a mother, though her virginity remained wholly intact, and I was born, I alone, as a comfort to the people. By human hands I was wrapped and clad in a pauper's coverings, and then I was laid in the darkness wrapped in drab clothes. See! this I suffered for the world's sake. Little I seemed to the sons of men; I lay on the hard rock, an infant in its crib. By this I meant to put far from you death and the scorching noxiousness of hell, so that you might shine holy and blessed in the life everlasting, because I suffered the hardship.