Christ III
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1428 'It was not because of pride in me, but rather I endured misery and pitiless bodily pain in my young manhood so that through it I might be like you, and you might come to be like my image, detached from wickedness. And for the love of men my head suffered insulting blows; often my cheek endured and my face caught from their mouth the spittle of ruthless malefactors. Likewise they mixed together for me a drink, sour in its bitterness, of vinegar and gall. Then in front of the people I underwent the spitefulness of my foes; they harassed me with torments; they had no qualms about violence and they flogged me with wips. All that pain I suffered in humility for you, the mockery and the harsh talk. Then they wreathed a hard sharp crown about my head and abusively they crushed it on: it was made of thorns. Then I was hung on a high tree, fastened to a cross; then with a spear they forthwith shed gore, the blood from out of my side, to the ground, so that by this you might be rescued from the tyranny of the devil. Then I, a man without sins, suffered punishment and evil afflictions until I released from my body my solely surviving spirit.
1454 'See now the mortal wounds which you once made in my hands and in my feet the same, by which I hung cruelly fastened. Here too, visible even now, you may see in my side the bloody wound. It was indeed and inequable reckoning between the two of us there. I took on your pain so that you might enjoy my kingdom, happy and blessed; and with my death I dearly bought you lasting life, so that you might thereafter dwell in light, radiant and free from sins. My body, which harmed no one, lay buried in earth, hidden down in the tomb, so that you might be bright above in the skies, ranking among the angels.