Christ III
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1327 Zealously now we must keenly penetrate our breasts and the wickedness within with the eyes of the heart. With those other eyes, the head's jewels, we cannot in any circumstances scrutinize the spirit of the mind's thought, whether evil or good resides beneath it, so that he may approve it well in that grim hour when he, above each of the multitudes, will shine in glory from his high throne with a pure flame.
1336 There in the presence of the angels and of the peoples of the other world he, high King of the heavens, will speak first to the most blessed, and lovingly he will bid them peace; with holy voice he will gently comfort them, and he will offer them refuge and bid them pass whole and hallowed into the homeland of angelic bliss and pleasantly enjoy it into infinite existence.
1344 'Now amidst friends receive the kingdom of my Father which was joyfully made ready for you before the ages - splendour amid ecstasies, the radiant beauty of your homeland - for when you would be permitted to see the riches of life amid those most loved, and sweet celestial pleasures. This you merited when you willingly received in charitable spirit poor men and those in worldly need. When they, the humble, begged mercies of you in my name, then you helped them and gave them shelter, to the hungry bread, and clothing to the naked, and those who lay sick in pain and suffered hard, shackled by disease, devoutly you strengthened their courage with your heart's love. All that you did to me when you approached them with kindnesses and in mercy fortified thenceforth their spirits. For this you shall long and happily enjoy the reward amid my beloved.'
1362 Then to the evil in a manner different, to those who are on his left hand, omnipotent God will begin to speak words by way of an awful threat. They need not expect mercy of the Lord then, according to their accomplishments of words and of deeds: they will have to endure the only just judgement, one replete with terror. There the great mercy of the Almighty will be far removed from those occupying that position on the day when he wrathfully imputes their wickedness to that perverse people with hostile words and bids them show the current reckoning of that life of theirs which he once granted them, the sinners, for their happiness.