Christ III
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918 To the evil he will be fearsome and terrible to see, to those sinful people who come forth there condemned by their crimes. It may serve as a warning of punishment to one who is possessed of the wise realization, that he indeed dreads nothing at all who will not grow terrified in spirit with fear for that figure, when he sees the actual Lord of all created things journeying amid mighty marvels to judgement of the many, and round about him on every side journey squadrons of celestial angels, flocks of radiant beings, armies of saints, teeming in throngs.
930 The deep universe will reverberate, and ahead of the Lord the most enormous billowing fire will sweep across the spacious earth; scorching flame will roar, the heavens will split asunder and the stars, fixed and shining, will fall. Then the sun which brightly shone above the earlier world on the children of men will be made dusky with the colour of blood; likewise the moon which once illumined humankind by night will fall down, and so too the stars will be scattered from heaven, lashed by storms through the violent air.
941 The Omnipotent with his company of angels, the ordaining Lord of mighty kings will come to the conclave, a Prince secure in majesty. There too will be the throng of his thanes, blessed with victory: those saintly souls will journey with their Lord when he, the Protector of his peoples, himself visits the nations of earth with throes of terror. Across the broad earth the heavenly trumpet's loud voice will be heard and on seven sides the winds will howl; they will blow, blustering, with the mightiest uproar, and enfeeble and reduce the world by storm and fill with fear earth's creatures. Then a jarring crash will be signalled, loud beyond measure, painful and immense, a most enormous noise, appalling to mortals, whereupon the sad hordes of humankind will pass in their multitudes into the far-flung flame, some upwards, some downwards, turgid with fire, when the destroying blaze meets with the living. Then without a doubt it will be so, that the kin of Adam, turgid with griefs, will lament sorely pained, a people in mourning not for trivialities but for the most enormous and acute miseries. Then simultaneously the fire's dark billowing, the sooty flame will far and wide catch all three things together, the seas with their fishes, the earth with its mountains and the shining heaven on high with its stars: the destructive flame will forcibly and fiercely burn the three together all at once. Sorely pained, all middle-earth will mourn in that notorious hour.