'Apocalyptic, the adjectival form, refers to a visionary, "biblical style" of writing about eschatological matters or to "influences from apocalypticism or from one or more apocalypses.'Click for footnote

The table of apocalyptic literature below therefore includes not only apocalypses, but also commentaries on them and works with a strong emphasis on apocalyptic ideas. Old English texts are not included, since they are grouped in a separate table in 'Anglo-Saxon Literature', but some Anglo-Saxon texts in Latin, such as Bede's Explanatio Apocalypsis are sorted under the title 'Other' in this table.

Hyperlinks on the titles lead either to commentaries or translation of the individual works. They will be completed in due course. This collection is by no means complete, and the tables will also grow gradually.

Bible texts
PseudepigraphaClick for footnote
Slavonic Apocalypse of Enoch (2 Enoch)
Hebrew Apocalypse of Enoch (3 Enoch)
Sibylline Oracles
Treatise of Shem
Apocryphon of Ezekiel
Apocalypse of Zephaniah
4 Ezra
Apocalypse of Ezra
Vision of Ezra
Questions of Ezra
Revelation of Ezra
Apocalypse of Sedrach
Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch (2 Baruch)
Greek Apocalypse of Baruch (3 Baruch)
Apocalypse of Abraham
Apocalypse of Adam
Apocalypse of Elijah
Apocalypse of Daniel
NT Apocrypha
Apocalypse of Thomas
Apocalypse of Mary
The Revelation of the Holy Theologian John
Apocalypse of Bartholomew
The Tiburtine Sibyl
Pseudo-Ephraem: Sermon on the End of the World
The Vision of the Prophet Daniel
Beatus of Liébana: Commentary on the Apocalypse