By the Venerable Bede (Written about 710 -16)

This commentary on the Revelation of John, which Bede himself called 'Expositio' instead of the 'Explanatio' of the printed version, is probably the earliest of his scriptural commentaries. According to Laistner, 72 manuscripts are still in existence, with the likelihood of another existing in Melk.

Bede's Commentary did not only enjoy a certain popularity within his own time, but his reputation spread into Europe and his works were still widely used in the twelfth and thirtheeth century. The large number of surviving manuscripts stands witness for this immense popularity.

In a letter to Eusebius, Bede describes the seven sections into which he sees the Book of Revelation divided and explains his own structure into three books.Click for footnote

The translation cited here can be found in Rev. Edward Marshall's book The Explanation of the Apocalypse by Venerable Beda.

Book I
Chapter I   Chapter V
Chapter II   Chapter VI
Chapter III   Chapter VII
Chapter IV   Chapter VIII,1
Book II
Chapter VIII,2   Chapter XII
Chapter IX   Chapter XIII
Chapter X   Chapter XIV
Chapter XI    
Book III
Chapter XV   Chapter XIX
Chapter XVI   Chapter XX
Chapter XVII   Chapter XXI
Chapter XVIII   Chapter XXII