The Phoenix
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611 In those habitations there shall be nothing at all to distress them, not strife nor poverty nor days of toil, violent hunger nor cruel thirst, disease nor age. The noble King will grant them every good thing. There the company of spirits will laud the Redeemer and glorify the might of the heaven-King and sing praises to the Lord. In loudest harmony they will carol clearly, a loving company, about the holy high throne of God; blithely the blessed together with the angels will extol the worthiest of rulers thus in unison: 'Peace be with you, true God, and the strength of wisdom; and to you, seated in majesty, be thanks for your fresh gifts and for every good thing. Great, immeasurable strength of might, high and holy! the heavens are fairly filled, Father almighty, Majesty of all majesties, with your glory, aloft with the angels and on earth as well. Preserve us, Maker of created things. You are the Father almighty on high, Ruler of the heavens.'
632 Thus the righteous, purged of guilt, express themselves in that glorious city: the company of those steadfast in truth proclaim his royal majesty and sing in heaven the praise of the Sovereign to whom alone is everlasting honour henceforth without end. Of his blessedness was never a beginning nor inception. Though he was born into the world here on the earth in form of a child, yet the wealth of his powers remained holy, high above the heavens, supremacy inviolate. Though he was to undergo the pangs of death, cruel torment on the rood-tree, on the third day after his body's decease he received life again by the Father's help. Just so the young phoenix in his lodgings betokens the might of the Son of God, when out of the ashes he wakes again into the life of life, fully developed in his limbs. Just as the Redeemer afforded us aid through his body's severance, life without end, so this bird fills his two wings with sweet and delightsome herbs, with the lovely fruits of the earth, when he is inspired to be gone.
655 These are the words, as writings tell us, and the invocations of the holy whose hearts are inspired to be gone to the heavens, to that merciful God, into the delight of delights, where they will bring the delightsome perfume of words and works, as a gift to the Lord and Ordainer, into that glorious creation, into that luminous existence.
661 To him be laud for ever through an eternity of eternities, and the splendour of glory, honour and power in that celestial kingdom of the skies. He is of right king of the world and of the heavenly host, environed in glory in the beauteous city.
667 The Author of light has granted us that here we may merit and gain by good deeds joys in heaven. There we may seek out realms most broad and sit upon lofty thrones, live in the grace of light and of peace, obtain abodes of genial delight, enjoy days of prosperity, look upon the Lord of victories, gentle and mild, without cease, and sing him praises in perpetual laud, blessed, amid the angels. Alleluia.