The Phoenix
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508 Then in that hour of revelation shall come in radiance to men, lovely and delightsome, the portent of this bird, when the divine authority raises up from their tombs and gathers all the bones, limbs and body together, and the spirit of life, before Christ's knee. Majestically from his high throne the King, heaven's comely Gem, will shine upon the saints. It will be well for those who, in that bleak hour, may find favour with God.
518 There the bodies, clean from vices, will walk glad-hearted, and spirits will return to their bony vessels while the holocaust mounts high to the heavens. For many, fearful heat will be kindled when each single being, righteous and sinful, soul with body, proceeds from out of earthen graves to the judgement of the Lord, aghast with fear. Fire will be on the advance; it will set light to wickedness. There the blessed, because of their time in exile, will be attired in their works, their own deeds: these are the noble and delightsome herbs with which the wild bird encompasses his own nest so that it suddenly bursts into fire and burns up beneath the sun and himself with it; and then after the flame he recovers life anew. Just so shall each one of humankind be attired in flesh, peerless and rejuvenated, who through his own will works it here that the mighty King of heaven is gracious to him at that conclave. Then holy spirits, souls steadfast in truth, will cry aloud and raise up song and, pure and elect, praise the King's majesty, voice upon voice, and ascend into glory handsomely herb-bedecked with their good deeds. The souls of men, then shall be purified and brightly refined by the holocaust of fire.
546 Let none of mankind imagine that I am composing a lay and writing poetry with lying words. Listen to the wisdom of Job's songs. Inspired in his breast through the breath of the spirit, he gave voice, bold, gloriously exalted; he spoke these words: 'This I do not disdain in my hearts' thoughts, that I, a man weary of body, should settle for a deathbed within my nest and from there set out abject upon the long journey, despondent of my former deeds, covered in clay in the soil's embrace - and then after death, by grace of the Lord, be allowed, just as the phoenix bird, to possess renewed life after resurrection, and pleasures with the Lord where the precious company give praise to their Beloved. Of that life, of the light and the loving kindnesses, I shall not be able, ever to eternity, to experience an end. Though my corpse must grow mouldered in its earthen chamber as a thing desirable to worms, even so the God of the multitudes will set free my soul upon the hour of death and awaken it in glory. The hope of this will never crumble in my heart, for I have secure an enduring joy in the Ruler of the angels.'
570 So the wise man in distant days sang, discerning of mind, God's spokesman of his message, concerning his resurrection into everlasting life, so that we might the more readily understand the glorious significance that the illustrious bird betokens through his burning. The remnants of bones, ashes and cinders, he gathers them all after the cremation; then the bird brings them in his feet to the Lord's habitations, towards the sun. From then on they remain there many years, made new again in form, completely rejuvenated where none in that land may threaten injuries.
583 Now just so after death, through the Lord's might, souls together with body will journey - handsomely adorned, just like the bird, with noble perfumes - into abundant joys where the sun, steadfastly true, glistens radiant above the multitudes in the heavenly city.
589 Then the redeeming Christ, high above its roofs, will shine upon souls steadfast in truth. Him they will follow, these beautiful birds, radiantly regenerate, blissfully jubilant, spirits elect, into that happy home everlasting to eternity. There the fiend, outcast, importunate, cannot treacherously harm them by his evil, but there they shall live for ever clothed in light, gist as the phoenix bird, in the safe-keeping of the Lord, radiant in glory. Each one's achievement will brightly sparkle in that joyous home before the face of the everlasting Lord, perpetually at peace, like the sun. There a bright halo, marvellously braided with precious stones, will rise above the head of each of the blessed. Their heads will glisten, crowned with majesty. The rare and regal diadem of a prince will adorn with light each of the righteous in that existence where enduring joy, everlasting and fresh anew, never wanes; but rather they will dwell in beauty, surrounded with glory, with lovely adornments, together with the Father of the angels.