Christ III
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1039 At that time mankind will be replenished and reconstituted by the ordaining Lord. The great human multitude will rise up to judgement when the Lord of life looses the bonds of death. The sky will burn, the stars of heaven will fall, the ravening flames will ravage abroad and spirits will pass into an everlasting habitation. Not in the least will men be able to conceal that store, the thoughts of their heart, in the Ruler's presence. Not to him will their deeds be secret, for there in that momentous day it will be known to the Lord how each person has previously merited the life everlasting, and everything will be present that early or late they accomplished in the world. Not a whit of people's intentions will be hidden there but the notorious day will reveal all the store of their bosoms' vaults, the thoughts of their heart. Whoever is determined to bring to God a clear countenance when the blaze, scorching and gorily ravenous, assays before the triumphant Judge how souls have been cherished against sins, he must reflect beforehand upon his spirit's needs.
1061 Then the voice of the trumpet and the bright symbol and the scorching fire and the exalted multitude and the host of angels and the threat of terror and the harsh day and the high Cross reared upright as a symbol of power, will summon into his presence the human throng, each one of the souls which late or early received limbs in the flesh. Then this, the hugest of hordes, eternal and young anew, will proceed into the Ruler's presence by desire or compulsion. Summoned by name, they will carry before the Son of God their breasts' hoard, the trappings of their existence. The Father will consider how sound are the souls his sons bring back from the land in which they lived. The bold ones then will be those who bring a bright countenance to the Lord. Their power and their joy will be exceedingly blessed as a reward to their souls, a glorious repayment for their works. It will be well for those who in that grim hour my please God.