St. Luke x. 18
St. Matt. xxiv. 24
1 Cor. xii. 3.
St. Matt. x. 28.
St. Luke xi. 12.
Epist. lvi.
2 Tim. iii. 5.
St. Matt. vii. 15.

Vulg., Bed., "vicies millies dena millia;" al.Transl., "bismyriadis myriadum," in Tisch.; St. Cypr., "dismyriades;" Tichon., "bismyriades."

St. Luke xiv. 31.
Dan. vii. 10.
Ch. xiv. 11.
Ver 7.
Ezek. xxviii. 18.
Isaiah ix. 15.
Prov. xxiv. 24.
Ps. x. 8. Sept., and Vulg., as Bed.; A.V., with Heb., "in the lurking-places of the villages." Bellarmine in Comment. in Psalm., thinks that it is probable that the Hebrew text has been changed since the Septuagint translation was made.