Super; Bed. with Vulg.,ante.
Ps. cxl. (cxli. 2. A.V.) 3; Bed., with Vulg., dirigature; A.V., "set forth;" Marg., "directed."
St. John iii. 34
Col. ii.9.
St. Luke xii. 49.
St. John vii. 12.
Is. lviii. 1.
Hos. viii. 1.
Compare the vision of Drythelm, Bed. Hist. Eccl., bk. v. c. 12.
Heb. vi. 7.
St. Matt. vi. 30.
St. Matt. xxi.21.
Rom. viii. 6.
St. Matt. xvi. 17.
1 Tim. v. 6.
Ver. 13; Beda here has "sidera seuctionies," but in his exposition of the Epistle, "sidera errantia," with the Vulgate; the Syriac is rendered "stellae seductrices."
2 St. Pet. ii.2; Bed., with Vulg., "luxuries;" A.V. "pernicious ways;" Marg., "or, lascivious ways, as some copies read."
Exod. xv. 25.
"Angel," A.V.; "eagle," Beda, Vulg., with Tregelles and Tischendorf. See ch. xi. 14, note q.
2 Tim. iii. 1
2 Thess. ii. 4.
1 Thess. v.2.