St. Luke i. 78
St. Matt. iv. 17.
Dan. ii. 34,45.
Ps. viii. I (2 A.V.).
Bed., defensorem; Vulg., ultorem; A.V., "the avenger,"
Gal. iii. 29.
Gen. xlix. 17.
Bed., with Vulg. cerastes; A.V., "and adder;" Marg., "Heb., an arrowsnake."
Ps. cxxvii. (cxxviii. A.V.) 3.
Acts. xiv. 22.
Ecclus. ii.I.
Ps. xvii.40 (xviii.39 A.V.)
St. James v. 11. Beda has, "qui sustinuerunt sufferentiam." But the common punctuation of the passage, as t occurs in the Vulgate, is, "qui sustinuerunt. Patientiam Job audistis;" and this is also the reading adopted by Beda himself, in his Exposition on the Epistle of St. James.
St. James i. 12.
Rom. xii.12.
Ps. iv. 2 (1 A.V.)
Ps. cxviii. (cxix. A.V.) 32.
I Kings (I Sam. A.V.) ii.1.
Phil. iii.13.
Rom. xiii. 14.
Ps. xxiv. (xxv. A.V.) 17. Bed., with Vulg., necessitatibus.
St. John xvi. 20.
Prov. xiii. 8.
St. Mark. x. 30
Eccles. i.18.
Rom. viii. 18.
2 Cor. xii. 9.
1 Cor. xv. 26.
Ps. xliv. 10 (xlv. 9 A.V.); Bed., with Vulg., "in vestitu deaurato, circumdata varietate," and so Sept.; A.V. "in gold of Ophir," with Heb.; P.-B., "in a vesture of gold wrought about with divers colours."
St. John xvii.3.
Ps. lxxv.12. (lxxvi. 11 A.V.).
Deut. xxxii. 43; Rom. xv. 10.
Deut. xxxII. 43, Sept., in which version the verse begins: "Rejoice, ye heavens, together with Him, and let all the angles (sons, MS. Vat.) of God worship Him;" Heb. i. 6.
Acts xiv. 22.
St. John vi. 35.
St. Matt. v.6.
Ps. lxv. (lxvi. A.V.) 12. ; Bed., with Vulg., refrigerium; Coverdale, "Thou hast brought us out, and refreshed us;" A.V., "a wealthy place;" Marg., "Heb., moist."
Ch. v. 6.
Col. ii. 3.
Ps. xli. 2 (xlii. 1 A.V.)
St. Matt. v. 4.
Rom. viii. 25.