Ps. lxvii. 19. So Hebr., Sept., Vulg.; A.V. (lxviii.18), "for men;" Marg,. "in the man." Compare Eph. iv. 8, "Gave gifts unto men."
Zech. i. 8.
St. John xiv. 27.
Job xl. 14 (19 A.V.).
2 Cor. vii. 5.
Gr. "the fourth part,"; Vulg., "quatuor partes;" A.V.,"the fourth part."
Rom. xii.I.
2 Macc. vii. 36, Vulg., "sub testamento æternæ vitæ effecti sunt;" Bed., "sub testamento Dei ceciderunt;" A.V.,"are dead under God's covenant of everlasting life."
Isa. lxi. 7.
St. Matt. xxiv. 7.
Ps. ciii. (civ. A.V.) 18. Bed., erinaceis, "hedgehogs;" Vulg., herinaceis; A.V. "coneys." It is one of the Pachydermatous class, living in holes in the rocks, of which the scientific name is Hyrax Syriacus; see Smith's Bible Dict. Gesenius translates the Hebrew name for it "the jerboa." Lex. s.v.
St. Luke xvi. 19.