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Phialis, A.V. "vials." St. Gregory refers in a similar manner to the difference between the phialae and cyathi, in the Tabernacle: "For by 'bowls' is designated an exuberant doctrine, but by 'cups' a small and narrow knowledge." Homil. in Evang., bk. i. hom. vi. sec.6. Jer. Taylor "was misled by the English use of the word 'vials,'"in one of his Sermons: see note t. Works, vol. iv. p.672, Eden's edition.
St. Greg., Morals on the Book of Job, bk. ii. ch. 10: "For the voice of the angels in the praises of God is the very admiration itself of inward contemplation." Oxf. Tr., vol. i. p. 74.