If it appears fanciful in Beda to attach any importance to the signification of the names of the seven churches, it may be remembered, on the other hand, that so recent and approved a commentation, as Rudolph Stier, in his remarks on the epistles to the seven churches, in The Words of the Risen Saviour, does very much the same thing. He treats the name as symbolical of the caracter of the period of the Church to which he considers the epistle to apply, and observes,"the name appears in all cases significant." See The Words of the Risen Saviour, Edinb. Tr., p.iii sqq.1859.
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Tertullian is of this opinion, Scorp., c. xii. Arethas says that the record of his martyrdom was still preserved in his time, circ. A.D. 911, in Cramer's Catena, tom. viii. p. 208, Oxf. 1840. Baronius notices the tradition, that he was shut up in a heated brazen bull during the persecution by Domitian, Mart. Rom., at April 11.
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