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Ps, cxxxvi. (cxxxvii. A.V.) 6.
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Ver. 19.
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Some remarks by Dr. Pusey on this rejoicing of the righteous may be seen in note a, on Tertullian, Of Public Shows, c. vi. sec. 30; Tertull., vol. i. p. 218, Oxf. Tr. See also on ch. xiv. 10, supr., xix. 21, infr.
Ch. vi. 10.
Gr. ; Vulg., "mittetur."
In this it is "dejicietur;" A.V., "shall be thrown down."
Ps. xi. 9 (xii. 8 A.V., "walk on every side").
Ps. cxxxvi. (cxxxvii. A.V.) I.
St. Matt. xviii. 6.
St. Ignatius writes, in his Epistle to the Romans, § iv. . Patr. Apost., tom. ii. p. 366, Oxon. 1840; in Abp. Wake's Translation, "For I am the wheat of God; and I shall be ground by the teeth of the wild beasts for his witness unto God: 'I am God's corn, and by teeth of wild beasts am being ground, that I may be found a pure loaf.'" B. v. c. 28, Oxf, Tr. (Keble's), p. 517, 1872.
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