For the substitution of the translation "bowls," for "vials," see ch. v. 8. note 7
Acts viii. 20.
St. Pet. ii. 3.
Qu. Ps. lxviii. 25 (lxix. 24 A.V.); cf. Isa. xxvii. II
Isa. xxvi. II.
Ch. ix. 18.
Ps. lxxii. (lxxiii. A.V) 18. See ch. xiv. 8, and note 16
Ps. cxxvii. (cxxviii. A.V.) 2.
I Macc. vi. 8-15.
Ch. xiv. 15.
Ps. x.2; Bed. as Sept., Vulg.; cf. ch. xi. 10.
That is, at their Baptism.
Compare I Cor. x. 2.
Beda, as Vulg,, and Gr., "I come." With the reading "He cometh," may be compared the first reading of MS. which was corrected apparently by the original scribe. Primasius and two cursive MSS., noticed by Tischendorf, have a similar reading.
St. Matt. xxiv. 43; Ch. iii. 3.
Ch. xx.9.
Vulg., Greek, and A.V., "beloved."
I Cor. xv. 26.
Ch. vi. 4-8.
Ps. x. II.
Isa. lxiv. 5.