Ps. lxxi. (lxxii. A.V.) 7; A.V. Marg., "Heb., till there be no moon;" Vulg., "donec auferatur."
1 Cor. xv. 26.
Song of Sol. ii. 6, viii. 3.
Ps. xx. 4 (xxi. 3 A.V.); Bed., with Sept., Vulg., "of precious stone;" Heb., "pure gold:" Ges. Lex., s.v.; so A.V.
Gal. iv. 19.
St. John xvi. 21, 22.
Ps. ii. 9.
Eph. ii.6.
Ps. xxx. 3 (xxxi. 2 A.V.). Vulg. with Bed., "esto mihi in Deum protectorem;" A.V., "Be Thou my strong rock;" Marg., "Heb., to me for a rock of strength."
Dan. xii. 1.
St. Matt. xviii. 10.
Gen. iii. 14.
Ps. xc. (xci. A.V.) 13.
St. Matt. xxviii. 18.
1 St. Pet. iii. 4.
Ps. liv. 8 (lv. 7 A.V.).
Ps. cii. (ciii. A.V.) 5.
Ps. cxxiii. (cxxiv. A.V.) 3,4.
Ps. i.4.