When you have to answer for us both, on that great day when God's wounds are revealed to men, the wounds that sinful people inflicted long ago in the world, then the Lord himself will want to hear of the actions of every man, the creator of heaven will want to hear from the voice of every single person's mouth about the repayment he has got for his wounds. But what are you going to say to the Lord, there on Doomsday? Then there will be no joint that grows in any of your limbs so small that you will not have to pay the proper price for each one separately,Click for footnote when the Lord is strict at the judgement. But what are you going to do? The pair of us will be together from then on, we will have to undergo whatever miseries you destined us to here before.'

So it scolds its cage of flesh, but then has to travel away, to visit the abyss of hell, not the joys of heaven, troubled by what has been done. The dust lies where it was, it cannot offer any answer to its sad soul, any help or comfort. Its head is split, its hands disjointed, its jaws agape, its gums torn, its fingers have dropped off. The cruel worms plunder their ribs, their tongues are dragged away in ten directions to give comfort to the hungry ones. That is why they cannot bandy scornful words with the damned soul.

'Avid' is the name of the worm whose jaws are sharper than needles, in the grave he was the first of all to make it happen,Click for footnote there he drags off the tongue and bores through the teeth, and eats away the eyes in the head from on top, he clears a way to the good food for the others, for the worms' banquet, once the damned body has grown cold, that the man for so long used to cover and clothe. Then it is worms' meat, carrion in the ground. This can be a reminder to every man, to everyone of sense.

There is much more to look forward to when the holy soul goes to its body, exuding comfort; your mind will find its errand much more fortunate. It seeks out the clay enclosure it had worn for so long, with pleasure and happiness. Then the souls say good words, words of wisdom and triumph, they greet the body truthfully and pleasurably, like this:

'My dearest friend, although the worms are still attacking you avidly, your spirit has now come from my father's kingdom, dressed in splendour, wrapped in grace. Oh, my lord, if only I could take you away with me, so that we could see all the angels and the glory of heaven, just as you destined me to here, before! You went hungry on earth, and so you filled me with God's body, the soul's drink. You lived in poverty, and gave me plenty of what I desired. So you will have no need to be ashamed of what you gave me, on that famous day when the sinful are separated from the righteous; nor, at the place where men and angels meet, will you have any need to regret all that you gave me here during life, however much it was. You humbled yourself before men, and raised me to eternal happiness. So, dearest of men, it always grieves me bitterly in my mind to know that you are in this humiliation, a banquet for the worms; but God so wished it, that you should always choose your deathbed in this ugly way. Then I would like to tell you not to be sad, for we shall both be re-united at God's judgement. After that the pair of us will be able to enjoy together whatever honours you destined us to here before (?),Click for footnote and be of high distinction in heaven. We will have no need to be worried at the Lord's coming, or have anxiety and mental distress over our answer, but there at the judgement we will be able in person to speak with pride of our deeds, and of what the two of us have deserved. I know that in the kingdom of the world you were mighty and distinguished in this...'Click for footnote