Christ III
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1199 What does he expect who is unwilling to remember in his conscience the gentle precepts of the ordaining Lord and all the sufferings he underwent on men's behalf, because he wished that we might won the abode of heaven in everlastingness? So it will be a sad thing on that grim day of the great judgement for him who, seduced by sins, has to gaze upon the Lord's scars, the woundings and the torture. In their wicked spirits they will see the greatest of griefs - how that same King out of his gentle heart loosed them from sins with his body, so that they might live free from evil deeds and own the everlasting splendour of glory. For this patrimony they expressed thanks to their Ruler not at all: to their reproach therefore, unhappy people, they will behold those conspicuous marks upon God, when Christ sits upon his royal throne, upon the high seat, God of the heavenly hosts, Father almighty. To each one of the people the radiant Creator, Ruler of the skies, will prescribe according to his deeds, all according to justice.